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Posted By: Balvir Chand - 2/01/2014 11:26:00 pm
Tally Solutions has released the latest version of Tally 9, which comes with built-in features like payroll, job costing and point-of-sale invoicing, Tally 9, a concurrent multilingual integrated business accounting software, allows users to maintain accounts in any Indian language, view it in other and print it in yet other language of their choice. Built on the concurrent multilingual accelerated technology engine, Tally 9 combines the concurrent multilingual platform and an object-oriented database engine. Targetted at SMBs, Tally 9 offers greater reliability, scalability, accuracy and speed. It supports Unicode data which helps companies maintain data in any of the Unicode supported languages. Tally 9 also has features including tax compliance features for value added tax (VAT), service tax and excise for traders
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