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Posted By: Balvir Chand - 3/03/2014 08:22:00 am
Designaround the world with powerful and flexible features AutoCAD 2013 -one of the worlds leading solutions for 2D-and 3D-design. Increaseproductivity by using tools that allow you to integrate all phases ofproject development and documentation, complete coverage and optimizethe entire process.
Features of AutoCAD
Examine your projectideas, using new powerful AutoCAD 2013. Connect to the Autodesk 360,share projects with friends on social networks, increase productivitywith improved form of documentation for the project. Applications forAutoCAD on the Autodesk Exchange will help you configure AutoCAD inaccordance with the terms of the tasks.
Extraction curves of the surfaces
The new feature allows you to get the curves, contours that pass through the point specified on the surface or edge of the body.
Context-sensitive tool PressPull
Press Pulltool has become even more flexible and context-dependent. Now it can be used to perform squeezing and displacement curves, creating this way the surface and the body. New option Multiple Press-pull in the tool allows you to select multiple items for one transaction.
Means of 3D-modelling of arbitrary shapes
Now you can translate design ideas in virtually any shape. To create complex shapes simply move the face, edges and vertices. Tools for modelling surfaces of solids in Auto-Cad and networks provide the maximum flexibility and control when designing in 3D.
Introductory operating 3D-space
You are just starting to model in 3D Now in AutoCAD is a workspace for you. It contains a set of optimized 3D-modelling and visualization, which allows you to quickly find the necessary tools.
Support for Point Cloud
You can perform simulations on the basis of 3D-scanning. This allows you to optimize the labour-intensive reconstruction and restoration. with support for up to 2 billion pixels, you can quickly visualize the surface of the scanned object and bind to it directly in the workspace for the simulation.
Office of the viewpoint in the workspace
New controls allow you to change view ports viewpoint settings, customize forms and visual styles directly in the workspace screen.
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