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Posted By: Balvir Chand - 3/30/2014 08:00:00 am
Enjoy your digital life and safer technology,secured by the record holding Internetsecurity with the most consecutive VB100 awards by Virus Bulletin. ESET Smart Security offers you an all-in-one security package that combines our unique technology and tools to keep you safe online and offline. Includes a new defense against threats that mask their presence by heavy encryption and obfuscation.
Challenge the limits of Internet, protected by ESET Smart Security , complete security solution ESET. If you spend long hours on the Internet whether you using social networks, making online payments, shopping or just browsing, ESET Smart Security is the solution for you security. In a unique solution we provide all the features to keep your life in protected line.
Anti-Theft - allows you to protect data in case of loss of the equipment through the web interface blocks access to your private information, find the location of the device when it is connected to Internet.
Parental Control - Allows you to define which content can be accessed on the Internet. Choose from over 20 categories or define access to specific sites.
Anti-Phishing - Make online transactions safely and prevents fraudelentos site obtain your personal information.
Social Media Scanner - The social network analysis allows you to explore all the information that is posted on your wall and in your contacts, looking for links that may contain a threat to your system.
Personal Firewall - Prevents intercept your data and keep your computer invisible while connected to Wi-Fi networks with audiences. Define different profiles for the connection you use.
Improved Antispam - ​​ESET Smart Security now takes care of annoying unwanted emails a spam filter for smaller, faster and effective. Integrates with the most popular email clients, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.
Advanced control of removable media - You can define what types of devices can be used or not in the team. You can create rules for USB drives, CD or Firewire among others. Also when connecting one of these devices you can explore for threats.
NEW Exploit bocker - Blocks attacks specifically designed to evade antivirus detection. Protects against attacks on Web browsers, PDF readers and other applications.
NEW Vulnerability Shield - Protects all communication, blocking attacks that attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in the network.
NEW Advanced Memory Scan - Detects persistent malware using multiple layers of encryption to hide their activity and not be detected by security solutions.
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